Trenton, New Jersey Hip-Hop Legend Tony D has passed away leaving behind a legacy of great music, a wife, and two young children. We ask that any donations you would like to offer may be made out to the Marsha L. DePula, The Sophia J. and Olivia R. DePula Fund, c/o Bank of America, 2430 South Broad Street, Hamilton NJ 08610.

Purpose of the Remembering Tony D Blog

Peace, this blog is a work-in-progress, if the audio streams are down check back in 24 hours as we are working on securing a reliable host. This blog is a labor of love that has been created by Shawn “Lov” Livernoche and fam. The purpose of the blog is to share and preserve the works of my friend and collaborator Tony D, particularly his more “under-the-radar” musical contributions. Also, I would like to pay homage to and celebrate other published collaborations with Tony D and other artists and labels post PRT era (1993 and beyond) including but not limited to Strong Peeps, Scott Lark, DJ Fatha Ramzee, Kaaos (WB's), Rahzii High Powa, Hit Squad, Isis, Pace Won, Outsidaz, Self (Custodian of Records), Don Blaq, Big Ooh, DJ PLEXX, Grand Central Records, Low-Key, and many other Trenton natives.

Tony D was a true Hip-Hop Legend and his entire body of work deserves to be celebrated. I have many radio interviews on cassette, WPRB episodes from the early 90's, videos of our own Hip-Hop adventures, mp3 files of his lesser known 12 inches with a variety of Trenton artists and pictures. Because uploading and converting everything myself is a daunting task it will take me some time. I wish to do all I can to promote and celebrate our friend Tony's legacy with class and with respect. Until then, put on some Tony D music and remember a Rap Triple OG who left us too soon. Please make donations- info at the top of the page. Thanks to Massive for his commitment to building a website Tony D would smile at. Any contributions to this page or comments are appreciated.


Tuesday, November 3, 1998

Shawn Lov - The G.O.D.

The “G.O.D. LP” and ‘That’s What’s Up’ Vinyl released under Cha Ching Records (Tony’s Label) in 1998 were decidedly less successful projects than Tony’s earlier work- Still, the internet popularity of songs such as “The Lov Doctor,” “Wack Emcees Get Murdered Day,” “I’m Pathetic,” and many other songs featured on “The G.O.D.” was the exposure that led me to sign a deal with Australian label Nuffsaid Records in 2003. Since then I have experienced modest success with the releases “The Blackout of 1977 (2004)” and “Waiting For A Ghost (2007)” on which Tony contributed beats and verses. If it were not for Tony D’s 2-year push- I may never have made the connections necessary or created the buzz I needed to maintain my humble, if not consistent presence as a working artist in Underground Hip-Hop. Tony played a much bigger role in my career than I in his.

In 1997 I went from being a lifetime fan of Tony D (WPRB, YZ, PRT, All the Trenton classics) to a collaborator. Although I heard of Tony from the local rappers and R&B artists who worked with him as well as my father Ed Livernoche who also owned a studio in the Trenton area, I never met him in person until 1996. I met Tony when I was a waiter at Applebees and he came in with his girlfriend- and from rapping for him during the lunch rush (almost losing my job) I managed to convince him to help me out shopping a demo- which later turned into the album “The G.O.D.” From there we became friends and worked on a lot more material over the years—but by the time Tony and I hooked up, (97’) both the local and global climate for Hip-Hop had made a lot of changes neither of us were really too happy about... We went in our own direction. I am very proud of all the work we have done together and so was Tony D. His production on everything from The G.O.D. album, as well as the more recent WB LP can be listed among some of his best work as a beatsmith- and his verses scorched the mic at Skylab, Studio 4, and later in his home studio. There are some funny/interesting stories that go along with the recording of this LP... I will tell some when I have more time.